Above & Beyond Academy

The Above & Beyond Academy provides online adaptive learning tools and workshops to help leaders and employees to embrace the future, where business success will be measured in a company’s ability to be agile, adaptable, and most importantly inclusive.

The skillset needed to thrive is expanding, and in order to cultivate and hone these specific skills – and especially to develop inclusive leadership – Above & Beyond Academy has developed tailormade adaptive learning tools and workshops.

We have three different adaptive learning tools, that are supported by various workshops to anchor the learnings in the organization and ensure deeper commitment. This two-fold approach creates a cohesive and comprehensive learning journey.

The three training courses build on current research and theory providing an understanding of how unconscious bias and lack of diversity in the organization affect both the individual and the company’s results.

The academy provides this two-way solution in these three learning areas:

  • Inclusive Leadership and Bias
  • Inclusive Culture and Bias
  • Respect at Work