Above & Beyond Academy

The expanding skillset necessary in the current and, especially, the future workplace, requires an innovative and creative approach to leadership development. This is how The Above & Beyond Academy was born, as now is the time to question what has been before, and engage with the corporate environment more holistically.

The Above & Beyond Academy helps leaders to embrace the future through diversity and disruption and to stay ahead of the competition. Being agile and adaptable throughout their entire organisation ensures success in the global business community.

Our Academy provides several tailormade workshops and online tools on Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Culture to ensure that the entire organisation, from the entry level to the very top, is on the same page and is aware of its biases. Successful companies will need to focus on attracting, retaining and promoting both genders equally. In other words, be better at bringing the entire talent pool in play. Let us help you to get there.

The Above & Beyond Academy is founded on the Nordic Leadership Model: The idea that real behavioural change within an organisation, group or community necessitates a collective effort. Bias and doubt must be addressed and confronted together in order to truly succeed.

We believe that education, and the wish to achieve behavioural change, call for different tools and learning situations. While knowledge-based lessons can be taught individually or in groups, real behavioural change demands a case-based perspective and cooperation with others.

We mirror ourselves on the community to which we belong, and when new knowledge, new competences and new individuals challenge the culture of a community, the existing members might feel threatened.  But, it is only through rejecting the status quo that we can innovate, adapt and be ready for the workplace of the future.