Above & Beyond Academy

The Above & Beyond Academy provides leadership and talent development courses and workshops, utilizing our years of work with corporate diversity and inclusion solutions and experience within executive education. Our solutions are specifically targeted at critical moments in the leadership pipeline, to ensure companies can retain, develop and inspire their high-potential talents.

These have all been created with a focus on the skillset needed for the future workplace, where agility, adaptivity, and inclusivity are key.

Blended Learning

Through a unique combination of programs, workshops and tools, the Above & Beyond Academy provides a range of solutions that can effectively reach your entire organisation: from strengthening your talent pipeline from management to executive level though leadership programs, to onboarding your whole organization to the business imperative of inclusive culture through online adaptive learning courses.

Companies that have sent their talents on our leadership programs
Leadership Programs

Our leadership and talent development programs specifically targeted at critical moments in the leadership pipeline. This ensures companies retain, develop and advance their high-potential talents.

Working with Headspring Executive Development, a joint venture of IE Business School and the Financial Times, we have created three programs that each address key moments in the talent pipeline. Our flagship 12-month Advanced Leadership Program develops your top female talents with executive potential; the virtual Fast-Track Program accelerates talents who have just taken their first management role and the tailormade Future-Ready Leadership program onboards your senior leadership team to the key principles of diversity, sustainability and digitalization.

The Advanced Leadership Program for Women
Advanced Leadership Program
Fast Track Program for Emerging Female Managers
Future-Ready Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Programs for the Entire Talent Pipeline

People are the most valuable resource companies have. It is vital to utilize the whole talent pool, and ensure balanced leadership throughout the organization.

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