Adaptive Learning

Within Above & Beyond Academy, we have applied our years of work with corporate diversity and inclusion solutions and experience within executive education to the development of online tools, that can efficiently onboard your entire organization to this essential agenda, at all corporate levels and across the world.

Our first two tools focus on developing and maintaining an inclusive and respectful culture. Through the right kind of training, we can become more aware of our behavioral patterns and ingrained biases and become a proactive member of a workplace culture that is more curious, open to new ideas and most importantly, inclusive.

Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning technology uses artificial intelligence to adapt the learning process moment-by-moment to meet each learner’s needs; it considers what the learner already knows and begins with the competencies most needed to improve. As such, the tools have the insight to be conscious of blind spots and thereby instigate behavioral change.

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Above & Beyond Group has a global partnership with Area9 Lyceum, which is an acclaimed global adaptive learning platform. Area9 Lyceum builds 21st century skills and competencies through the world’s first four-dimensional adaptive learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode™. Founded by physicians and computer scientists, and combines more than 20 years of research into human factors and cognition with cutting-edge computer science and AI to transform learning outcomes for millions of learners. Together we have created online courses, that combine Above & Beyond Group’s D&I expertise with Area9’s unique platform.

Compatible with all LMS platforms via SCORM, LTI, or direct access through a web link.

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HR will receive feedback on the level of knowledge, the areas of improvement and the learning ability for each learner and the company.


The adaptive learning platform includes a refresh function as part of the learning process. With ongoing training, this helps the learner retain knowledge that addresses unconscious biases.


The purpose of this course is to increase your knowledge of diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. By being more aware of both your own and other people’s biases, you can help create an inclusive culture at your place of work. This will make everybody feel more respected and comfortable. When you have completed this course, you will have learned:

  • How diversity and inclusive contributes to innovation, workplace satisfaction and performance
  • How it is both an individual and collective responsibility to create an inclusive culture
  • What is meant by unconscious bias and how it can affect decision-making
  • How to recognize and manage your own bias in a work environment
  • Why it is a business imperative for everyone to take accountability for inclusion

Time: 20 min. (depending on individual learning journey)

Price: 199 DKK / 30 USD (ex. VAT) per user

Participants: Unlimited

Language: English

Target group: All employees


The purpose of this course is to outline the behaviors that build respect in the workplace, and explore the issues that erode respect and trust, for example, bullying and harassment. Having respect for each other is a fundamental part of creating a positive and productive work environment. When you have completed this course, you will have learned:

  • Why respect is so important, both for organizational performance and culture
  • How to act in a way that contributes to a respectful work environment
  • What distinguishes minor conflicts, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • How to recognize bullying behavior, both in the workplace and online
  • How to prevent and handle situations of bullying and harassment

Time: 15 min. (depending on individual learning journey)

Price: 199 DKK / 30 USD (ex. VAT) per user

Participants: Unlimited

Language: English

Target group: All employees


Our adaptive learning courses are supported by various workshops to anchor the learning in the organization and ensure deeper commitment. This two-fold approach creates a comprehensive learning journey.

“By working in close cooperation with Area9 Lyceum, we provide comprehensive diversity and inclusion training for organizations, at all corporate levels and across the world. The adaptive learning technology facilitates the behavioral change essential for this kind of learning journey, where participants address potential biases, challenge their status quo, and recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion from a personal and business perspective. As part of Above & Beyond Academy, our Area9 tools are supported by face-to-face workshops to further embed their impact.”

Tine Arentsen Willumsen,

CEO of Above & Beyond Group and Founder of The Diversity Council