CSR – Sisterhood Foundation

Above & Beyond is passionately committed to CSR through the charity foundation, Sisterhood which empowers girls and women in the developing world.

The Sisterhood Foundation was established in 2010 by Tine Willumsen and the international founding committee, to support women and girls in India, enabling their education, empowerment and independence. The focus for Sisterhood Foundation projects is currently in the Chennai province of India, where the charity supports young girls and women, who live under very challenging circumstances.

The charity’s projects support these women in many ways, from educational to entrepreneurial funding. While the wider economic benefits of women’s education and financial stability are well reported, it is often the case that young girls do not receive the necessary support to gain a full education and career prospects. Sisterhood is working to
change this. Through scholarships, English classes, and even a mobile tech classroom, we are reaching out to young women and empowering them.

Let’s join forces and give these women and girls COURAGE, CARE, CHOICES and CHANGE.

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