Inclusive Leadership & Unconscious Biases

At the heart of the Above & Beyond Academy are our Adaptive Learning Courses, that have been developed with Area9 within their online adaptive learning tool, as a way to implement D&I training and raise awareness across an organization: with the accessibility and broad impact of online training and the personalization and individual impact of 1 on 1 tutoring.

The three training courses build on current research and theory providing an understanding of how unconscious bias and lack of diversity in the organization affect both the individual and the company’s results.


Inclusive Leadership & Unconscious Biases

Involve your entire organization by providing everyone with a common understanding of inclusive culture and unconscious bias. This tool examines inclusive culture, the meaning of unconscious biases both as individuals in society and as an organization, and highlights the importance of diversity, with relevant examples, images and questions.

Duration: 47 min. (approximately)
Learning objectives: 34
Questions (probes): 50
Price: Per user
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: Danish/English
Target group: All employees

Inclusive Culture & Unconscious Biases​

Course Objectives:

Key topics:


Developing and maintaining an inclusive culture means addressing the unconscious biases that have been found to adversely affect hiring and selection processes. One way to do this is through bias training.

Unconscious biases tend to arise because our brains have a strong desire to make quick and final decisions to eradicate possible doubt, insecurity or ambiguity, but this is incompatible with the conscientious decision-making that should govern hiring practices.

As such, we have developed our tools and workshops to define and raise awareness about biases, and the ways they can manifest themselves.

By becoming aware of ingrained biases, and working to diminish them, companies can develop a culture that is more curious, open to new ideas, and most importantly, inclusive.

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Inclusive Culture &
Unconscious Biases

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