Respect in the Workplace

At the heart of the Above & Beyond Academy are our Adaptive Learning Courses, that have been developed with Area9 within their online adaptive learning tool, as a way to implement D&I training and raise awareness across an organization: with the accessibility and broad impact of online training and the personalization and individual impact of 1 on 1 tutoring.

The three training courses build on current research and theory providing an understanding of how unconscious bias and lack of diversity in the organization affect both the individual and the company’s results.

Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the Workplace

Ensure your organization knows how to address disrespect, bullying and sexual harassment at work and how to prevent unwanted situations. Respect at work creates an inclusive workplace. The tool helps to build common understanding of the topic, and teaches participants how to react in difficult situations, with examples, illustrations and facts. Respect is a foundation for a diverse and inclusive culture.

Duration: 25 min. (approximately)
Learning objectives: 33
Questions (probes): 37
Price: Per user
Number of participants: Unlimited
Language: Danish/English
Target group: All employees

Inclusive Culture & Unconscious Biases​

Course Objectives:

  • Increased understanding about bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Learn how to spot signs of bullying
  • Learn how you can prevent and handle bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace

Key topics:

  • Why bullying and sexual harassment occur
  • Different types of bullying
  • Differences between bullying and minor conflicts
  • Different types of sexual harassment
  • What a healthy work environment looks like
  • How to eradicate bullying and sexual harassment

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Inclusive Culture &
Unconscious Biases


Inclusive Leadership
& Unconscious Biases