Above & Beyond Academy
Tailor-made DE&I Workshops, Training and e-learning

Above & Beyond Academy is based on a Nordic model, in which the purpose is to transform understanding, perspectives and behaviour. Rather than focussing only on the individual, and personal prejudices or doubts, this Nordic management model intends to support and transform the entire community – and bring new skills and knowledge to the wider culture, that otherwise can remain stuck in the status quo.


Training is one of the most effective ways to create behavioural change in an organization, division, or team. As part of global D&I consultancy, Above & Beyond Group, Above & Beyond Academy offers bespoke tailor-made workshops (as webinars or face-to-face combined with AI training tools) to ensure a common language and shared understanding regarding diversity and inclusion.

The purpose is to create more awareness and transform behaviour, through facilitated discussion, implementation and ongoing learning.

The following workshops are offered in both English & Danish:

  • Why diversity matters and best practice
  • Inclusive leadership and creating an inclusive culture
  • Unconscious bias and respect
  • How to avoid bias in recruitment
  • Respect in the workplace – preventing and handling harassment
  • Ethnic Diversity and Attracting All Talents


Webinars for the Executive Committee, HR, leaders, or key talents are easy to scale, and we often train entire global leadership teams – for clients such as Maersk Tankers, PwC, NKT, AP Pension etc.

We have also provided ‘Train the Trainer’ style workshops to further amplify the impact.Our trainers include D&I experts and Authorised Business Psychologists.

Prices range from 25.000 DKK for a 2-hour leadership workshop to 39.000 DKK for a half-day workshop. Full days as well as entire training models can be delivered and priced upon request.

“Tine Arentsen Willumsen is a true pioneer when it comes to increasing awareness of the value of inclusion and diversity within the Danish business community. A highly skilled communicator Tine is always a guarantee of professional, valid and data-based takeaways.”

Malene Thiele
Head of CSR and SDGs at Dansk Erhverv

“Above & Beyond Academy has helped us engage the organization in our work on Diversity & Inclusion. This has meant creating a shared language and understanding of the topic, and awareness of the role everyone has in making this come to life. Tine is experienced and skilled as a facilitator and has engaged with people across all levels in the organization in a helpful way. It is obvious that her knowledge on the topic is both wide and deep. Above & Beyond has been a great help for us in getting the conversation started in our organization.”

Helena Darmell
Project Manager Organization Development,
Human Resources at NKT

Learning principles

  • The brain is a social organ, which best adapts abstract knowledge to practical behaviour, while being part of a community or learning from best practice and cases
  • Learning includes both conscious and unconscious processes, and often we will not be fully aware of the gaining of new data, knowledge and understanding
  • As individuals, we seek meaning through pattern formation and habits within the community

“At PwC we are focused on improving the Female Leadership Pipeline. We are training our leaders in Unconscious Biases in collaboration with Above & Beyond as part of this effort”

Christian Østergaard
Partner, Head of Human Capital at
PwC Denmark

“Above & Beyond is a true collaboration partner. Together with Tine Arentsen Willumsen, who brought broad strategic understanding, and Sarah Ambs-Thomsen, who brought deep psychological expertise, we created a customized leadership program addressing the important topic of respect in the workplace. Rather than focus alone on policy and procedure, which is merely the tip of the iceberg, the program addressed cultural “grey zones” which require conscious action on behalf of leaders to prevent all forms of harassment. Tine and Sarah successfully navigated the topic with relevant theory, case examples, and practical advice, which deepened the insights of our leaders and left them feeling more equipped to create an even more inclusive culture at Maersk Tankers.”

Annelise Goldstein
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at Maersk Tankers

Tine Arentsen Willumsen

Tine Arentsen Willumsen is the owner and CEO of Above & Beyond Group. Tine has, among other things, trained the Partner level, key talents, and HR group at PwC, Aramco in Saudi Arabia, 300 regional CEOs in Bahrain, held a gender equality ‘Barbershop’ for 100 Danish CEOs for the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish Ministry for Gender Equality.

Above & Beyond Group is also behind The Womenomics Nordic Business Conference and the Founder of The Diversity Council, which is a D&I alliance for over 20 leading companies in the Nordic region. Here, both the companies’ CEOs and D&I managers gather 4 times a year to accelerate the transformation in their own companies, as well as the entire D&I agenda in the broadest sense.

Sarah E. Ambs-Thomsen

Sarah E. Ambs-Thomsen has for 14 years worked as an Authorized Business Psychologist and is now also a Coach at Above & Beyond Academy. She works to create inclusive, healthy, respectful, and safe workplaces through lectures and training of managers and HR, as well as through executive coaching.

Sarah also has a background as a Chief Consultant at a management consulting company and at an authorized institute for work environment.

In addition, Sarah has been an external lecturer at the University of Southern Denmark and been in the aviation industry as a team leader for the crisis psychology team.